How to Contact Us:

Phone within Costa Rica:  2694-4041

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GPS Coordinates

Chalet Nicholas:  10° 33’21.9″N 84° 54’16.3″W

Using Google Maps: 10.556083, -84.904528

Directions From San Jose Airport

SJO Airport RouteUse the map to the left, and the directions are simple: From the airport drive West, and then North on InterAmerican Hwy, Route #1 to Cañas. Once you reach Cañas, use the further directions listed below in the Directions from Cañas to Chalet Nicholas.  We are 3.5 hours from the airport, all on paved roads.

PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN to the advice the car rental and hotel employees give you on your way from San Jose. They will tell you to turn off at San Ramon, and then go to La Fortuna and then Arenal. Instead, the best way is to come through Cañas, and then spend a day at the Arenal Volcano area when you car is empty and you can take your time. It is worth a full day to see both the waterfall and the hot springs.

Directions From Liberia Airport

LIR routeUse the map to the left from the Liberia airport:  drive East 10 minutes to the main intersection in Liberia  where you will TURN RIGHT toward San Jose at highway overpass.  This is the Inter-American Highway, Route #1.  Drive in the direction of San Jose  for about 45 minutes until you see a sign directing you to Tilarán and the  two-story “PLAZA DE TOROS” bullring at Cañas where you turn LEFT.  After here, follow further directions below.  We are 2 hours from the airport, all on paved roads.  ** Please note:  at this time, there is a lot of construction on Highway 1 and around Cañas, so you may have to detour around the intersection in Cañas. **

From Cañas to Chalet Nicholas (from Either SJO or LIR)

bullring canasUpon reaching Cañas from either SJO or LIR, you will see the bullring named “Plaza de Toros” on the East side of the road and a sign for Tilarán.  Turn East here.    

After turning at the bullring, go straight about 8 blocks to a fork in the road. Here make the first of 3 lefts. …Go up the hill for 20 minutes to the very top of the continental divide. At the top (as you are coming into Tilarán), you will see a gas station on your right and a sign to Nuevo Arenal. Take a very sharp left (180 degree turn almost a U-Turn) towards Nuevo Arenal and Volcano Arenal.

At this sharp left turn you will go around a triangular shaped tourist restaurant/gift shop with glass windows covered with murals of rain forest scenes and also with a bank cash machine.

Continue for another 10 minutes, past a second gas station on the left.

When you get to the fork in the road where Lake Arenal starts, you will BEAR LEFT and be on the upper lake road which you will continue on for the rest of your trip to Chalet Nicholas, always with the lake on your right.

ONE MISTAKE MANY PEOPLE MAKE is about 10 minutes past this fork when you see a restaurant named Plaza del Cafe with large orange signage on your right.  People often turn left here heading up the hill.  DO NOT DO THIS.  STAY TO THE RIGHT of this fork following the signs to Nuevo Arenal.

It will then be 15- 20 minutes until you see the Chalet Nicholas sign with a flower-covered archway entrance on the left.

We are just one mile past the Ecolodge entrance signs on the same road.

Directions From La Fortuna to Chalet Nicholas:

From La Fortuna,  go onto Rt 142  (not 143) from main road in center of La Fortuna.  This is only road you need and it goes past Volcano Arenal and over an earthen dam at the eastern end of Lake Arenal.   Continue 40 min to Nuevo Arenal. all along the beautiful lake road…..  THEN STAY ON ROUTE 142 until you get to Chalet Nicholas entrance.     Once you come to  Arenal  (Nuevo Arenal on older maps) there are lots of business signs and you will see  a fork in the road with choices to go straight or to the right. TURN RIGHT…go up hill past German Bakery and continue STRAIGHT on Rt 142 toward Tilaran.  (Do not make any turns)

We are two miles from this right turn through town and we have a sign at the front entrance for Chalet Nicholas.

We have been here since 1991 and everyone knows Chalet Nicholas. If you have any problems, call us at 2694-4041.


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